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carl5hh, Male 59
About Me
The fun part about profiles is the sigh of relief after you have finished it. The bad, well, no need to put into words what we have all faced. The dating scene is never an easy one, especially when you have my hair. Online dating is probably more difficult, so many choices, distractions, attractions, ooo shiny! I believe we are all looking for that person we can hold hands with, slow dance (you can lead), hold close and feel heartbeats syncing. For me the perfect woman is the girl next door type. Someone who makes me wonder where the time went after spending 5 hours with them. I am a fun loving guy who is your typical Handyman and loves power tools. DIY projects give me a reason to buy a new one. I love watching football and I love to play golf. Cooking, cars, man stuff, got it all down. The only yoga I know is the frozen kind, I like vanilla mostly, boring but so delicious. Dynasty! I like all genres of movies and don't bring that DC vs Marvel noise! They each have their good qualities. Reading, been a while. Dogs, 2 of them and a robot vacuum. Sproute has the best produce and prices! Bowling is awesome, I am an awesome bowler, therefore I am awesome. If you are interested in a conversation send me your number so we can talk and get to know more about each other and if the chemistry reveals we can move on from there and see what the future holds in store for us.
Pearland, Texas, United States